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Your guide to living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

I started my own health journey completely alone, and I wanted to create something that I would have appreciated when I first started my journey. I used my own experiences to make this ebook, which is targeted towards those starting their own health journey and want a resource to help them.

The first link takes you to purchase the complete ebook, where you can expect to find:

You can expect to find:
-20 recipes, ranging from easy to difficult
-Tips and tricks to budget and plan for a grocery haul
-Meal ideas for those living in a dorm
-Simple ideas for sustainability
-Advice on Instagram collaborations and photography
-and more!

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The second link takes you to purchase only the recipe section of the ebook, where you can expect to find:
-5 Breakfast Recipes
-5 Lunch Recipes
-5 Dinner Recipes
-5 Dessert Recipes
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If you decide to purchase, thank you! It means the world to me.

Grocery Guide: Fresh Thyme

Starting off a new, hopefully helpful, set of grocery guides! These are intended to help navigate some of my favorite grocery stores, and highlight the products I always reach for.

First up: Fresh Thyme! This post is sponsored by Fresh Thyme, but I’ve been shopping here for months now! It’s honestly one of my favorite stores to buy anything from supplements to organic produce at an affordable price. Here’s their official website to read more:

Fresh Thyme is basically a health food store + grocery store all in one! They have a giant bulk section for grains, nuts, candy, nut butters, coffee, and more. They also carry a variety of brands: different supplement brands like Vital Proteins and Four Sigmatic, beauty brands like Cocokind and Derma-E, and food brands like Siggi’s and Milkadamia! But what makes them unique, is they also offer store-brand products that are just as good as name-brand, just at a cheaper price!

Like other grocery stores, they have deals, sales, and discounts highlighted in their weekly ads, but they also have a day called Double Ad Days (Thursday or Wednesday, depending on where you live,) where both the old and new weekly ads overlap, so double the deals! They have a reward system too, where you can download their app to find additional coupons on top of their store deals!

Here’s a list on my favorite products to buy, with some description too.



Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I live a plant-based lifestyle, however, I still consume dairy products like yogurt and skyr. Fresh Thyme is where I like to stock up on these each week, especially when there’s a sale! They have one of the biggest variety of brands available to me, that fit with a lot of different lifestyles. Here’s what I usually grab from this section:

  • Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr: they have so many different flavors, and I can find them on sale almost every other week.
  • Fresh Thyme Nonfat Original Greek Yogurt: At $3.99, this is the cheapest I can find it, plus no additives or fillers! I use this a lot for oats, pancakes, or baking, so I love to buy a tub of this for the week.
  • Chobani: Either the single-serving or the giant tub, it’s also one of the few brands I like to buy that has minimal ingredients but still tastes good.


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Salsa’s a veggie right?! I don’t always buy organic produce honestly, because it just isn’t realistic with my college-student budget. However, Fresh Thyme does this awesome thing where they do 4-day sales on organic produce! Typically its 25% off, so this is when I REALLY stock up and freeze whatever I can! Here’s a list of things I like to buy organic from Fresh Thyme when I can:

  • Bananas: I’m basically a monkey! During sales, Fresh Thyme prices these and non-organic around the same amount, so I opt for organic of course.
  • Apples: My favorites are Pink Lady and Gala! In season, these are a must.
  • Spinach/Kale: I always add a handful of either to eggs, smoothies, soups, or just as a salad!
  • Strawberries: This week, strawberries were $1.99, practically a steal! It’s one of my favorite fruits, so I’m always rebuying.
  • Baby carrots: I always snack on these, usually I can find these organic in a 2 pound bag on sale for $1.99 I believe.
  • Sweet Potatoes: I recently started adding these to my weekly meal prep, so I like buying 1-2 a week.
  • Salsa: I think it’s a veggie!! Fresh Thyme brand doesn’t have too much added sugar, and this one is one of my all-time favorites of any brand! They’re fairly cheap too, I love eating these with just chips, or adding these to eggs.


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Spices make any dish 1000000x better! Fresh Thyme store-brand spices are the best priced I’ve seen, and they have literally any spice you can think of!

  • Onion Powder: I’m too lazy to cut up onions, so this one works for any recipe, usually eggs, chicken, or hempé/tempeh!
  • Basil Leaves: I was craving Margarita Pizza the other day, so I had to get this staple!
  • Garlic Powder: Same with the onion situation, this is essential for any savory dish of mine.
  • Cinnamon: It’s not a breakfast dish without it!

Baking Ingredients:

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

As a foodie, baking is my middle name. Fresh Thyme makes it so easy to pick up all the basics without breaking the bank!

  • Fresh Thyme Oil Sprays: I always have coconut oil or olive oil! One for my sweet dishes, one for my savory. They also are free of artificial preservatives which is a must!
  • Fresh Thyme Oils: Solid coconut oil can be so pricey! A tub here saves me a lot of money for different baked goods.
  • Fresh Thyme Sweeteners: They have an array of natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey! Reasonably priced and perfect for just drizzling over pancake stacks.
  • Fresh Thyme Leavening Agents: You can’t make a baked good without some baking soda or baking powder! I hate when these are outrageously priced, I can find these here for less than a few dollars.

Dry Goods:

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

My pantry is smaller than my fridge, but I still like to stock up on the basics!

  • Fresh Thyme Canned Beans: Black beans and Chickpeas are staples for just roasting on their own,  or making them into sweets for the week! Organic canned beans can sometimes be found on sale too!
  • Fresh Thyme Quinoa/Rice: I’ve been loving these lately along with their different rice blends! Organic isn’t too expensive either.
  • Pasta/Pasta Sauce: A staple for salads or on its own! They have a variety of flavors for sauces too.
  • Flours: They have so many that fit for different lifestyles and diets! Different brands too that you can sometimes find on sale.
  • Bread: When I find Dave’s Killer Bread bagels on sale, I buy a few bags! They also have their own store-brand of different breads, as well as other brands too.
  • Tortilla Chips: What’s salsa without chips? They have a biiiiig section of organic chips with minimal ingredients!


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Here’s everything else I like to pick up!

  • Fresh Thyme Nut Butters: They always do sales for their freshly grounded nut butters in their bulk section! Or you can sometimes find their peanut butter for 2/$4.
  • Vital Proteins: Cheaper than online! Sale price varies, but it’s always a good deal.
  • Four Sigmatic: They sell single-serving pouches of their mushroom coffee or hot cacao. My favorite is their Mushroom Hot Cacao Chill w/ Reishi.
  • Perfect Bars: They have a few different flavors, Chocolate Walnut Brownie is my favorite!
  • Creamers: I love a plant-based creamer for my coffee. Nutpods French Vanilla is my go-to, but they have a lot of other brands too. Another favorite is Milkadamia Unsweetened Vanilla.
  • Eggs: I prefer Free Range or Cage Free eggs, and they usually have sales for their store-brand! They have a few other brands as well.

And that’s it! These aren’t always on my grocery list each time, but if I need any of these that week, Fresh Thyme is the first place I go! Hopefully this was helpful, I plan to do more of these in the future!


My Weekly Grocery List

Ever since I lived in a dorm, grocery shopping as been one of my favorite things. I loved looking through all the foods and splurging on all the newest health trends.

However, now that I live in an apartment and pay for my own groceries…that quickly had to change.

Currently, I spend about $50-60 a week on groceries, a little more at the beginning of the month since I usually have to buy more bulk items by then. It’s a bit more expensive than most grocery budgets, but I do prefer to buy organic and I do stick to brands I trust for the most part. I’m able to afford this amount, and I’m grateful for that. I am trying to spend a little less, because a lot of times I go shopping without a list and end up leaving with everything I don’t need and only a few things I do need.

So I made a list. I did this first to help me meal prep because when I pack lunches for work, I find that it’s not always balanced well enough. I categorized the staples of what I eat, that way I can easily mix and match a well-balanced meal. It also helped me when I planned my grocery lists, so I tweaked it a bit and I’m sharing to helpfully give you guys some inspiration and overall insight into my diet.

Like I said, I aim for well-balanced meals. I often like to repeat the same meals over and over again, but I like laying out all my favorites in each category to get me to try some new meal every once in a while. I kept the actual list pretty simple, but I’ll delve into detail here:

Protein: I prefer plant-based sources, however I don’t follow any diet, so I do still enjoy meat/dairy sources too. My favorites right now are eggs/egg whites, skyr, and chicken. However, I do keep canned beans and frozen chicken stocked for when I want to switch it up. I prefer to buy organic, and my eggs/chicken are usually free-range. I usually rebuy eggs and skyr/yogurt once every two weeks, and everything else lasts me about 3-4 weeks.

Carbs: Whole-grain/wheat is my jam. I love my carbs as much as the next girl, I often mix it up with these. I love Dave’s Killer Bread for bagels. I prefer Ezekiel sprouted bread and Barilla for whole-grain pasta options. I rebuy bread once every 2 weeks, and pasta is good for a few months since I rarely crave it. My favorite frozen waffles/pancakes are Van’s Foods and Kodiak Cakes, but these can be pricey so I only like buying these when they’re on sale. I buy organic sweet potatoes and either roast them in the oven, or simply microwave them, 2-3 potatoes last me either a week or two. Oats and pancakes are a staple for breakfast or just a quick meal. I like old fashioned oats and Birch Benders. Annie’s Homegrown, or Kodiak Cakes for a healthy pancake mix option if I’m not making them from scratch. Oats last me about 3 weeks and pancake mix is about a week (it’s my newest obsession!)

Fats: I used to avoid these like the plague, but now they’re a huge staple for me. Nut butters are my favorite, and I love cooking with coconut oil for sweet recipes, and olive oil for savory ones. I go through a jar of peanut butter in about a week. Oils last me a few months. I used chia seeds for chia pudding as a quick snack, and I add ground flaxseeds (easier for your body to digest) to my oats. These last me a month or two. The yolk in whole eggs are another great source of fats, I usually have one egg a day.

Produce: I love fresh fruit, and have a banana and a handful of strawberries every single day. I just started to buy fruit organically, but since strawberries are out of season right now and I buy them once a week, I usually can’t afford to buy those organic. I do try to buy spinach, apples, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots organic, which last me about 1-2 weeks. I snack on baby carrots throughout the day, as well as have an apple with nut butter in between meals.

Snacks: I haven’t been a huge snacker recently, but at work, I always need to bring one or two. I love turkey sticks because they’re full of protein, Nicks Sticks are my favorite. Angies, Late July or Simple Truth make great popcorn options. Simple Mills is my favorite for snack crackers, they have savory or cheesy options. Rice cakes are easy when you want something light. I love so many snack bars, but my favorites are Perfect Bars, Go Macro, or Square Organics, because the amount of protein and fat is perfect to sustain me for an hour or two. Salsa and tortilla chips can already be a healthy snack, just make sure to read your labels. Easy bagged chips like Way Better or Food Should Taste Good make great yummy options.

Sweets: I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth, especially for cookies. I usually try to meal prep a sweet each week, but sometimes I forgot or its just not enough! Simple Mills and Enjoy Life Foods make delicious packaged cookies. Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao with Reishi is a great alternative to hot chocolate, it’s still as sweet and calming! Halotop makes delicious low sugar ice cream, and there’s SO many other brands making their own versions. Justin’s nut butter cups are great for the Reese’s lover (me.) Smart Sweets makes delicious gummies, they have sweet or sour and plant-based options too! Dark chocolate chips are essential for my daily chocolate chip pancakes, I always for for a high cacao content, Enjoy Life Foods and Lily’s Chocolate make my favorite. I usually don’t keep too many sweets in the apartment, but I’ll buy these whenever I’m craving it.

Drinks: I’m always sipping on something at all times. I love making my own cold-brew coffee, it just saves me so much money and it has a smoother taste. I started adding creamer to my coffee, and Nutpods French Vanilla is still my favorite, but Milkadamia and Califia Farms make good options too. Spindrift is my favorite for sparkling water, they only use fruit and water. If you like the taste, Kombucha is a good option, there’s so many brands and flavors available. I love chicory root or dandelion tea from Teecino and Jade Leaf, Terrasoul, Vital Proteins and Four Sigmatic make my favorite matchas. Aside from coffee creamer which is about 2-3 weeks, drinks last me up to a month, so this is when I prefer a quality option from a trustworthy brand.

Supplements/Speciality/Additional Items: I consider this the “fun” category, because this is where all the health trends seem to lie. I’ve try a lot, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few I can actually afford to have everyday. Collagen is one of them, I actually noticed a huge difference in my nails and hair, Vital Proteins, Further Food, and Natural Force are my go-to. Protein powders is what I reach for when I know I’m going to have a long busy day. There’s so many good brands out there, and a lot of bad (I’ve tried SO many so take my word for it,) but ultimately, I prefer a plant-based protein. Sprout Living, Liv Well Nutrition, Rootz Nutrition and Nuzest are my favorites. For a clean whey protein, Natural Force is my go-to. I love making adaptogen drinks, so cacao, maca, and ashwagandha powders are staples for me. Reishi is another good one thats full of antioxidants. Baking ingredients depend on what I’m making, but I keep a lot of different ingredients like coconut/almond flour, whole wheat flour, coconut oil, baking soda/powder, just a good variety. For natural sweeteners, I love D’vash Date Nectar or pure maple syrup, but I keep honey too for whenever I get a sore throat. Seasonings is another good splurge, I love cinnamon, nutritional yeast, parsley, and garlic powder, but I always keep a good assortment just in case. These last me a long time, so I buy these about once a month or once every 2-3 months.

So now that I know what my favorites are in each category, I’ll plan out what I’m making (or thinking about making) during the week and go from there! I like having this plus the weekly ads of my favorite stores (Kroger, Target, and Fresh Thyme) and just making sure I get what I need and stay within my goal budget. I’ll make some adjustments, but I always grab at least 2-3 in each category per week. The supplement category is when I tend to bulk buy, so that happens about once a month, but again it depends.

Like I said, this is specifically catered towards MY diet, there’s SO many other foods that work for any category! These are just the foods that I like currently, I’m sharing this mainly to give you an idea of how to organize your groceries in a way that assures you get a well-balanced meal. I hope this is helpful to all of you! Never hesitate to reach out with questions.


Cooking at Home

My meals are usually pretty simple, mainly because I’m just so lazy that I hate cooking. A goal for 2019 is to make more of an effort, because when I do cook, I always enjoy it even more than my usual foods! Gone are the days of frozen waffles and microwavable meals, this year it’s all about homecooked meals! Here are a few tips I have for cooking at home and to make it more enjoyable throughout the process!

Make extra: Whenever I end up making a meal just for myself, I always make double or triple the portion! That way I can just reheat the leftovers the next few days, and even use it as a mini-meal prep.
Meal prep: Set aside a few hours to make meals for the week, I promise it will make your life easier! If you like having some variety, keep your preps pretty basic so you can change it up! I like doing plain pasta, rice, and steamed veggies, so during the week I can add different sauces/seasonings and pair it with different meals! You can also buy frozen meals (check ingredients,) for quicker meal preps!
Add flavor: Cooking doesn’t have to be tasteless! For seasonings, always look for ones without added sodium/additives, no MSG’s, and GMO free! Organic is also good if you can afford it. My favorites are garlic powder, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, cumin, chili powder, and parsley. Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are my favorite oils to cook with. Lime/lemon juice, coconut aminos, pasta sauces, and ACV are other ways to add in some great flavor too.
Versatility: Get ingredients you know will work for different meals! I like rices, potatoes, broths, eggs, beans, tofu, and tempeh. You can use these in different ways and you can also easily make/buy a lot at once to last you throughout the week or for bigger meals.
Some of my favorite seasonings/dressings: Greek yogurt, lemon, and garlic powder makes a great pasta sauce, just mix it right in. For an italian seasoning, mix oregano, parsley, basil, thyme, salt, and pepper. When steaming veggies, I always add a little parsley. I love adding lime juice to chicken and ground turkey, or using ACV and honey as a chicken marinade. For scrambled eggs, I always add garlic powder and nutritional yeast.
Happy cooking!

My Favorite Pancake Mixes

I’ve made enough stacks in the past few months to really get the 411 on different mixes. I always go for one with a minimal ingredient list, stuff you can pronounce and recognize to be more specific. I prefer one with whole-grains, minimal to no added sugars, and nothing artificial! Here are the few that I always have in my pantry.

Kodiak Cakes: My favorite for their variety of flavors! I also think these are relatively easy to find in most stores, and affordable! They have up to 14 grams of protein, have superfood mixes, use whole-grains, and are Non-GMO! I love Cinnamon Oat and Peanut Butter.

Birch Benders: These are great for those classic morning stacks bc they taste AMAZING on their own! They also offer paleo and gluten-free mixes. I love their Protein mix the best, with chocolate chips of course😏

Annies: This one is as close to homemade as you can get. It has a super simple + minimal ingredient list and is all organic. Their denser but still fluffy!

FlapJacked: For high-protein, this one is my go-to! 20 grams, and they have yummy versatile flavors. They also offer a gluten-free option! Buttermilk is my favorite.
I hope this gave you guys the motivation to branch out and try out a new brand!

Healthier ways to add flavor to your coffee

I didn’t start drinking coffee until last year, but since then I’ve been a coffee fanatic! I had multiple cups a day, and just kept it black. Now, I have 1-2 cups a day, and like to add in some flavor depending on what I’m feeling. Here are some of my favorite ways I add some extra flavor + health benefits to my daily cup of joe.

Try a new creamer: You guys know I’m loyal to Nut Pods, but there’s other healthier creamers to try! There’s several from Califia Farms, and also from brands like Laird Superfoods and So Delicious. Just make sure to check ingredients!
Add in superfoods: Cacao, maca, cinnamon, coconut milk powder, pumpkin spice: these are all yummy add-ins, and they provide other benefits too. Simple to just stir in or sprinkle on top.
Try supplements: Emulsified MCT Oils are great way to get in those healthy fats, Natural Force has a few different flavors, Caramel being my favorite! For collagen-lovers, there’s even collagen creamers like Vital Proteins. Another option, you can even try a half scoop of your favorite flavored protein too.
Change your order: When I go out, I keep it black or add a lil almond milk and switch between an Iced Americano or Cold Brew, but it’s good to try other things!! Try different roasts, hot vs. cold, lattes, espresso, cappuccinos, the list goes on!! Sounds simple, but you’d be surprise how different it can taste!


Weekly Grocery List: Dorm Edition

Let me start this off by saying that my health/nutrition has done a COMPLETE 180 since ending my first year in college. I’ve learned some new hacks, new recipes, incorporated different foods into my daily diet, and overall have a better understanding of ingredients and what they do to my body, that if I had to live in a dorm again, my grocery list would be very different.

Also, in college, I was eating strictly to reach fitness goals, and since I was so busy/active, I ate the same foods every single day for months. However, I did enjoy the foods I was eating, so I stuck to these staples.

I had a meal plan, but I mainly grocery shopped. My parents were generous enough to give me a monthly allowance, however, I saved that for only groceries instead of things like shopping an eating out. I had a job so I could provide for myself in those situations.

I used both my meal plan, and shopping at Kroger and Target to get my food for the week. I had my car on campus, so I typically grocery shopped on weekends, when I had more time in my schedule.

My meal plan wasn’t a swipe system, but more like a debit card/point type of situation. So, each semester, I had a certain amount of “iBucks” to spend as I please. We also got a discount whenever we used iBucks. On campus, we had dining halls, cafes, and smaller convenience stores (C-stores.) I estimate that the average iBucks mea plan (which I had) per month equalled around 2 swipes (so 2 meals) a day, however, I only ate on campus once a day, so I had a lot left over. I used my meal plan to help me buy things like fruits and veggies, coffee, and anything else I needed from the C-stores like soap, napkins, etc. That one meal was usually a salad or burrito bowl. This helped me save a little money, and leave more for when I went grocery shopping.

I grocery shopped at two different stores to make sure I got the best deals, which I HIGHLY recommend! Check out ads, and sign up for their reward systems. Get some coupons too, every penny counts! I have the Cartwheel app for Target and I signed up for the Kroger reward system. Since I lived in a dorm, I bought a lot of prepacked foods, frozen foods, and snacks. It got pricey, so I always hunted around for deals. To give you an idea, I spent around $100 a week on groceries…not ideal. Also, not what I currently spend now either, but definitely shop smarter. I didn’t really get into looking for a lot of savings, coupons, etc until towards the end of my first year, unfortunately. I also always stuck to a list!

Here’s an example of my typical grocery list for the week, provided by both my meal plan and shopping at Kroger/Target:

Frozen items: Ezekiel 7 Sprouted Grains Bread or Dave’s Killer bread. Veggie burgers like  Hilary’s Eat Well, Morningstar, or Dr. Praegers. Frozen meals like Birds Eye Zucchini Lentil Pasta, or just frozen veggies, usually broccoli or carrots. Frozen waffles like Kodiak Cakes or Van’s Food Power Grains, I always went for high protein waffles.

Refrigerated goods: Unsweetened vanilla almond milk or unsweetened vanilla pea milk. Icelandic skyr, either Siggis or Icelandic Provisions. Assortment of fruit and veggies like oranges, bananas, grapes, strawberries, apples, pineapple, watermelon cucumber, limes, etc it varied per week. Snack bars like Wella Bars or Perfect Bars. Carton egg whites. Stok Coffee.

Dry grocery: Old fashioned oats. Granola, usually Purely Elizabeth. High protein pancake mix, usually Flapjacked Buttermilk. Brown rice, pistachio nuts, nut butters, no salted added canned veggies, salt, pepper, cinnamon, chia/flax seeds, shredded coconut, cacao powder, K-Cups/ground coffee, honey, coconut oil, mini chocolate chips.

Snacks: Always high-protein. Usually Quest Bars, RxBars, GoMacro, OhYeah bars, Oatmega, Nugo, NoCow. High-protein FlapJacked muffins. Sometimes, I made protein balls or other no-bake sweets. I usually bought Nature Valley Almond Butter granola cups or breakfast bars too as a sweet treat to end the day.

Miscellaneous: Paper plates/bowls/utensils, ziplock baggies, (I know, I know…I don’t use these nearly as much,) dish soap, sponges.

Supplements: I used protein powders, pre-workouts, and BCAA’s. Completely optional, not at ALL necessary. I still struggled to get in protein, so this helped me a ton. I used PeScience for protein/preworkout, Nuzest for protein, Vega for protein, and BPI for BCAA’s.

So this was a typical grocery list for me! Once I found what worked for me, I always made sure to stick to these staples. I definitely would incorporate things like chia puddings, smoothies, make my own oat nut milk, more no-bake snacks, and other things I easily do on a day-to-day basis now in my dorm life, however that’s the beauty of this lifestyle! Every day you learn new things. I’m sure this time next year, I’ll have a different grocery list to follow. I hope this was helpful to all of you living in a dorm soon.

Lately, it feels like time has NOT been on my side! Squeezing in a workout sometimes seems impossible when you’re already trying to balance school, work, and a social life. It’s easy to put this off, but it’s also just as easy to find other ways to get movement in, some even without hitting the gym! Don’t forget, exercise and getting your body moving should be fun and enjoyable! Here are some of my favorite ways:
-Plan ahead: Some days I wake up at 5 am to fit in a 30 minute workout. In college, I’d go straight from class, to the gym, then to work. Sometimes, I would even knock out reading assignments while walking on the treadmill. Whether it’s an hour or 20 minutes, a lifting session or light cardio, if I have the motivation to get there, I will get there!!
-Get those steps in: Walking or biking is a healthy alternative! On campus, ditch the bus and walk or bike to class/work instead (some days I’d walk up to 7 miles!) Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk the long way, if you have the time, even if it’s just to your car. Bike to your favorite coffee shop to study. Or even just walk around your neighborhood or a park.
-Hang out and Work out: Have you ever noticed how much you sweat while dancing with your friends, and it doesn’t feel like a workout! On campus, skip the uber, if the parties at a walking distance. Plan a picnic, and go hiking/biking with friends. Walk around the city together (if you live near one) or the mall. Even simply get a gym buddy to motivate each other!
-Get involved: My college offers different free exercise classes (like cardio, yoga, etc) throughout the day, which work with most people’s schedule. They also offer classes to take as a course, and intramural sports. Outside campus, there’s different clubs and classes (yoga, Orange Theory, Pure Barre, etc) Grab a friend and try out a new class/club together, whether for credit, or just for fun, or go alone, and make some new friends! .
Don’t stress if you miss a workout, or can only make it once that week. You’re adjusting to a new schedule, just do what you can, when you can. Movement is movement, no matter how small.

Dorm life taught me to make do with what I got (and then some…I was a lil rebellious and snuck things in hehe) I learned a lot about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and even more now. Here’s a list of everything I used daily, and what I else would bring now! Typical stuff, but I wrote a lil on what I used it for so here’s a little inspo!
-Blender/food processor: For smoothies, milk, sauces, grind cauliflower/oats, nut butters, etc. I have a @ninjakitchen blender, and mini @cuisinart food processor, but any will do! -Microwave: Heat up meals, steam veggies, cook oats, rice, pasta, muffins, eggs, etc. I got mine for ~$60 during back to school szn!!
-Mini Fridge: My holy grail. Kept this baby stocked w/ alllll the goods.
-Mini appliances: But on the lowest of keys…You could get full sized (like a griddle) but these are convenient!! I like the brand Dash, bc they have lots of smaller quality appliances! You can find their mini makers on da cheap for ~$7-$14!! I find them the cheapest at Marshall’s, and T.J Maxx. So versatile and can be used unconventionally (like egg white waffles)
-Toaster: Also the lowest of keys, but most likely dining halls have one! However, I bought the cheapest one ($10) at Target randomly one day. Good for bread and frozen waffles!
-Keurig: Coffee, tea, and I even used the hot water for soup!
-Reusable containers/bags: Take food/drinks to class, prepare overnight/microwave oats, use to grocery shop, eat in your room, etc. I had a lunch box, a few lidded containers (steam veggies/make overnight oats, no-bake treats,) plates/forks, bags, measuring cups, and mugs/tumblers. Makes life a lil easier and better for Earth!
-Pitcher: I made cold brew coffee and iced teas! Cheaper than going to a coffee shop, plus you can make refreshing drinks (lemon water, unsweetened teas, fruit-infused water, etc)
This is everything I used daily in a dorm! These definitely helped me build healthy habits, I just learned how to use typical dorm room products in a way that benefitted my lifestyle.